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I hit a piece of concrete on the interstate going 70mph on the way to taking my kids to school.
Our driver went above and beyond to accommodate me with two small, confused children and went out of his way to help make the situation as easy on *me* as possible. It could've been a very stressful situation with two toddlers on the side of the highway but bc of Ethan, everything went as smoothly as it possible could have given the situation.
Mary, in the office, was also very helpful in helping us navigate the next steps after we reached the impound lot.
I am very grateful!

Not everyone will have interactions with a towing facility. But, if you do, I hope it is this one. Everyone here was incredibly nice and helpful to me at a very confusing time. I hope not to find myself in need of towing services, but if I do, I’ll gladly give you call.

I bought a Buick from here best decision ever. Very friendly and welcoming business. Very professional and pleasant. Keep up the great work

I had my car worked on here last week. Friendly faces and great prices. Highly recommend!

Came to the rescue!!! Super friendly, and they were prompt. Recommend 100%.

Fast response, courteous and professional.

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